Mikrotik RB750Gr2 won´t tftp boot

Hello people!

Since I am quite enthusiastic in OpenWRT I wanted to install my old Mikrotik RB750Gr2 with OpenWRT.
Fimware I installed the 6.4.2 since there are problems with higher versions.

My problem is unfortunately currently the Mikrotik does not respond after TFTP boot. A DHCP address is obtained from TinyPXE as well as a TFTP download from ar71xx-initramfs-kernel.bin.

I also tried to boot an ar71xx-vmlinux-initramfs.elf without success.

Does anyone have a tip for me?

Initramfs is only a bridge head, and if you get an IP, it sounds like it did what it was supposed to ?

That´s normal by netboot. PXE obtain the Mikrotik an IP Adress. After the TFTP download, I didn´t get any IP Adresses or connect by static. There is no answer by HTTP,SSH or Ping.