Mikrotik RB750 r2 series POE

I am working on adding Powerbox to LEDE which is part of RB750 r2 series.
Everything is working and PR will be made today.
They all use the same PCB with some parts not being populated.
So Powerbox is the same thing as hex poe lite just without USB port populated as it is made for outdoor use.
So it has POE passthrough support for all 5 ports.

Now the issue is that it seems that only GPIO 14 is used for controlling POE, that only turns on/off POE for all ports, not per port as RouterOS enables.
Also, temperature, voltage, and current monitoring are missing.
From looking at PCB it looks like they are using Atmel ATtiny461 microcontroller for those things.
It has a built-in temperature sensor and 10 bit ADC with lots of ADC channels.

Mention of SPI for ATtiny if also available in GPL sources.

Has anyone tried doing something on this front?
It would be awesome to get those features working.

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Little update.
ATtiny146 is connected via same SPI as NOR flash and SSR.
They use CS 3 for it.

Anyone willing to help figure out how to communicate with MCU?

Just unpacked Mikrotik firmware npk and found firmware update for ATtiny.

There is some info in ASCII in those files

I just finished the development for ATtiny PoE for PowerBox board. https://github.com/adron-s/mtpoe_ctrl

That is really awesome.
Do you maybe plan on pushing it to merge in OpenWrt?

Also, if you plan to do so.
Documentation would need to be in english

In the source code you can find Makefile for OpenWRT. This development was initially made for a commercial project based on OpenWRT. All the developers are Russian there, so the documentation and comments in the code are also in Russian. I do not plan to merge it in OpenWRT. You can use this code as is. License is GPL V3.

Why not push it upstream?
A lot of people could benefit from it and work is already done.
Even the licences are compatible.

I have couple of Powerboxes that my organisation wanted to use on OpenWrt for a while but POE didnt work so they are still on RouterOS.
Gonna test it,thanks for your hard work

The README file has been updated. Now it's in English.
I do not want to send to upstream for a number of reasons. This requires a lot of time which I do not have now and the feature is quite specific. Who needs this - will be found and done on the basis of this code.

Ok, thanks.
Would you allow me to push this upstream?

Yes. Of course. If something is not clear - write and I'll gladly answer.

Thanks, I got some time before college starts again so I will look into pushing this.

Yes, and we are using old version of LEDE. Here is a patch adding support for an PowerBox to it. http://hosting.yapic.net/lede/rb750Pr2.patch
Perhaps it will make your work easier.

Its not directly applicable as we have mach-rbspi.c containing code for all Mikrotik devices that use SPI NOR.
We have a lot duplicate code so to avoid it its handled with common functions.

Gotta rework it a bit since currently Powerbox is not handled as a separate device but rather as RB750 r2 variant.

Today I have a couple of free hours. Now I will try to make a patch for the current version of OpenWRT and test the firmware on PowerBox. Later, I will write down the result.

Awesome, thanks.
I havent got around to patching the current mach file

Done: https://github.com/adron-s/openwrt.git


I will try to merge with OpenWRT master brunch: https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/1378

@robimarko did you find time to test this?
I'm probably doing something wrong but this is not working for me.

I get this error when running mtpoe_ctrl

  error: -101,
  err_descr: "Tx CRC error: 0x0 vs 0x9a"

No,been really busy.
Will give it a try tommorow