MikroTik rb450gx4 support

I dont understand what are you trying to do?
If you flashed OpenWrt then there is no RouterOS anymore

I just want keep the routeros, and add some software such as softether vpn bridge, frps automatic running when routeros booted.

To archive this, here are something I must do (as same as what I did on RB450G):

  1. get root shell permanently ( So I should add some script on routeros init stage to do https://github.com/0ki/mikrotik-tools/blob/master/exploit-defconf/make_usb.sh, and the first thing is I should mount the routeros root filesystem and modify the init scripts)

  2. add a plugin script in routeros init stage

cat > /mnt2/etc/rc.d/run.d/S09PlugIn <<EOF

run_scripts() {
        for i in /rw/pckg/plugin/*; do
        echo $i
        [ -d $i  ] && [ -f $i/run.sh ] && chmod +x $i/* &&  $i/run.sh & 2>&1

[ ! -d  /rw/pckg/plugin ] &&  mkdir /rw/pckg/plugin

run_scripts &


chmod +x /mnt2/etc/rc.d/run.d/S09PlugIn

  1. when reboot, the routeros should be rooted, and then, I can add any extra program such as softether vpn , and the routeros should run them automatically.

So, I dont see what is that gotta do with running OpenWrt

On old rb450g, when netbooted the openwrt in device momery, I mount the routeros original root filesystem like this:

root@OpenWrt:/# mkdir -p /mnt2                                                                                     
root@OpenWrt:/# mount -t yaffs2 -o rw /dev/mtdblock6 /mnt2
[  259.610000] yaffs: dev is 32505862 name is "mtdblock6" rw
[  259.610000] yaffs: passed flags ""
root@OpenWrt:/# ls /mnt2/                                                                                          
CDINSTALL   boot        etc         lost+found  nova        var
bin         dev         home        nio         rw
root@OpenWrt:/# touch /mnt2/nova/etc/devel-login
root@OpenWrt:/# ls -l /mnt2/nova/etc/                                                                              
-rw-r--r--    1 root     root             0 Sep 29 07:13 devel-login
drwxr-xr-x    1 root     root          2048 Nov 23  2012 loader

and then, I reboot the device, it get root shell permanently.

Well since there is no YAFFS anymore and RouterOS is in UBIFS you really cant do that, especially since kernel partition had to be left larger since it cant be easily changed later.
So you cant do that, and please dont go offtopic since it does not matter to OpenWrt at all

Ok, thank you, I'll try it by myself.

Well, by the way, if I flash the openwrt into the rb450gx4, Does it work well as on the other platform ? or just on the earlier stage

U dont understand what you mean by that.
This is not production ready yet

Got it. thank you

So here is a cleaned up branch(Still some stuff needs to be cleaned) but its mostly ok.

SD card slot is disabled as it needs a lot of work and WAN port is port 5 instead of port1 but rest works.

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Hi, do you have an estimate when this will be in upstream? Also, I noticed you have a RB450Gx4 DSA branch, what is the diff with this one? Thanks.

Once stable is branched off and 4.19 is the default as I have no intention of modifying the patches to work on 4.14.

DSA is a WIP to use new IPQESS driver.

I will build a rebased version soon and publish it.

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Hi guys, here is the promised refresh.
Its based on current master and this time 4.14 kernel is used as I am preparing it to be submited for merging.
It only includes LuCi with OpenSSL, ca-certificates and nano as additional packages.
No support for SD card currently, for POE you need to export GPIO42, but be warned that due to ESSEDMA driver limits POE OUT/ETH5 port is actually WAN port so dont fry your devices.


Is there any instruction for OpenWrt installation? As I recall it is not a standard version of OpenWrt...
Is it possible to use all standard OpenWrt packages (AdBlock, IPTV, e.g.)?

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I have a newer version with working SD slot.
Gotta upload that one

So... It is working and working with common OpenWrt packages? And SD cards are working... Only PoE ports change places.
And every commoner, like me, can install your image using general instruction for MikroTik according to steps from the instruction for RB450gx4.
Sounds wonderful :slight_smile: I'm humbly waiting for your new version.

I think "common" OpenWRT packages will work only as long as they don't require kernel modules.

I've updated the links on the wiki to the 3 August builds, since the build that was linked (without SD support) was no longer accessible.

Here is the current build:

Its based on master from couple of weeks ago, uses 4.19 kernel and has properly working SD card slot without throwing warnings or errors.