Mikrotik RB2012LS-IN wont tftp boot (to old routerboot?)


im strugelling for days now and wont get this thing to tftp boot openwrt.

This board lays on my shelf for 7 years or so, so its a very old rev. At first boot it had Routeros 3.x installed. So it updated to the latest 6.4x. But i cant update Routerboot. its stuck a 2.39. And imho here is the problem.

I used the latest openwrt instruction and i managed that the board gets the elf file via tft but nothing happens. i used serverel version 18.x, 19,x, trunk but no build wont boot. no response on WAN (eth1) or any other port. i guess its the old bootloader that wont let it boot correctly.

sadly no serial console possibility at all.... populated hardware missing.

what now? is there a way to flash the bootloader from within routeros without winbox, etc? any special routerboot version known to boot correctly?

any tip will be appreciated!


I managed to tftp boot sucessfully with an expreimental ath79 build, any other build wont boot.
But i cant sysupgrade, which seems to be an ECC error problem. I reported it to the related topic.

so: partially solved