Mikrotik RB2011 problem with multiple switches

I've been using OpenWRT on my Mikrotik RB2011 for years now without an issue. But now I was upgrading all my devices to 19.07.(1/2) and I noticed strange behaviour with the two switches in this one.

It seems (l)uci isn't able to properly distinguish both configurations. When I add a vlan and configure a port to one of the switches, the port configuration on the other switch is also changed.

Has anyone else experienced this issue?


So I have this issue now with multiple units.
The problem is only in LUCI and I guess it's because both switches have interfaces labeled 1~5 instead of what's written on the box. It looks like it's working normally, but when you submit changes it mixes up the configuration for both switches. Especially adding a VLAN to one switch will make it appear on the other and doesn't save the VID, instead just saves it as 3 sequentially. This can be fixed in the /etc/config/network file, but is garbled again when submitting on the Switch page in LUCI.


I have the same issue with rb2011 since the 19.07 version.

I found another person who have this issue

I don't know if this issue affects anothers devices with multiples switchs.

Ah nice, somebody with a github account made an issue for it :smiley:

I can confirm that UCI works fine, just be sure NOT TO TOUCH the LUCI page (and save).

Yes, when I only edit /etc/config/network and then i do "service network reload". It works like a charm.