Mikrotik + OpenWrt UPnP [Advise needed]

Hi there,

I've been using some OpenWRT builds with pre-downloaded packages for a WR841 which I'm using behind a Mikrotik as main router.

WR841 is also set as router. My question is, how can I link UPnP requests (like from game consoles) from 2nd router to main router?

OpenWRT shows the ports in UPnP but none of them reach MT. I read something about proxyport but I have no idea how to take chance of this in a 4MB device.

The purpose of this is to have OpenNAT in video games (mainly Playstation).

Any ideas will be appreciated

Well... from a purely technical standpoint... your could "DMZ" aka port forward everything to router2 from router1... or just the gaming ranges...

Be advised that some protocols are not happy with double nat. Noteably ones that embed internal addressing in upper layers.

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You can't forward them easy without technical issues.

Much easier is to make WR841 to works as AP (Access Point). This will make it little bit "dumb" device, but will forward all DHCP or UPnP requests to the router (in your case Mikrotik).

Well, I haven't tried creating a DMZ zone for the console. What I've done is to port forward everything but console still shows NAT moderate. Will DMZ make a difference?

I am using a DumbAP for my devices and it works fine with NAT in games. However, I wouldn't like to be messing with clients with another DumbAP because it's time consuming and it's only one console and many wifi devices.

Then, I would like to know if possible to keep router as it is but to have one of the LAN ports to be "dumb". Is that possible?

I'm relative new to OpenWRT and i don't know all details about it yet. :smiley:

Mine idea is that you can make a separate VLAN for them:

So DumpAP1 will be separate VLAN than DumpAP2.
Like one will be 192.168.1.X, while other will be 192.168.2.X.

But i'm not sure that 841 can support this.

This could work but the thing is that I would like the wireless to have DHCP and one port of the LAN to be bridge so I can send that IP to Mikrotik.

I got something like this going, kinda. Except I didn't use UPNP to achieve NAT Open. I used regular port forwards.
I got my main router doing all the network stuff running OpenWrt and then I got the secondary router running relayd relaying all the data from my clients back to the main router.

To get it to show as open I needed to port forward the external port of the main router to the Relay and then do further port forwarding on the Relay Device to the client. It's essentially one big ass iptables link.

But you mean relayd as the similar one used for pseudobridge?

I mean something like shown on this guide here.
So yeah Pseudobridge would be the thing.

Really? I thought this was simple. I usually use those 4MB devices for SQM mainly so I can't even add more because they are based on a custom build firmware 18.06.4.

Is there another way? Otherwise I'll have to add a switch for that gaming console.