Mikrotik OmniTIK 5 Ver. 6.40.9 (Bugfix only) - Host name not working with LEDE as WiFi client in CPE TPlink 510 v1

CPE 510 does not provide the hostname for Omnitik

Would you help us by describing what you're expecting and what you are and are not seeing?


You only need to see the CPE 510 Radio name in Omnitik, but nothing appears

I left it in the defalt mode, but neither the factory default name appears.
In the Tplink firmware, the host name appeared on Omnitik as CPE510

Is the Omnitik providing the DHCP service?

While a mapping from MAC address to IP address can be "guessed" from looking at the packet headers (though multiple IP addresses can be from the same MAC address), for a host name to be available there needs to be another data source.

DHCP leases and/or /etc/ethers or the like are typically the source of this kind of information, though one could try to guess the IP address then reverse resolve it in DNS.

There is no "requirement" that a host requesting a DHCP lease provide a host name, nor that it accept the host name that DHCP server "suggests" that it use.

Omnitik is in bridge mode, who is supplying the DHCP is another HP router mod. msr931.

The "problem" appears to be with the OmniTIK and its software not getting information about a host name to associate with a MAC address. Given that it isn't the DHCP server, I'm guessing that it snoops the DHCP packets to obtain that information. You might want to use tcpdump or wireshark to see what the OpenWrt and the OEM firmware are sending in the DHCP exchange.

Thank you for the tips.
I've updated my omnitik and CPE510, but I believe the problem is in the firmware OpenWRT because I have two more customer connected with the same CPE model but with Pharos installed and it works perfectly.