Mikrotik Metarouter

I want to build a Firmware for Mikrotik Metarouter.

Mikrotik published a own Patch Years ago on their own wiki for OpenWRT

Maybe someone can Help me. I think one Problem could be the Old Kernel
I just created a repo already with the Old SVN Patch:

when i try to compile it this is the error

Maybe Converting it to a newer Kernel could be a solution, but I don't know.

Thx for Help

Anyone who can help me?

Error is pretty much clear.
It is missing this file: /home/johannes/lede/build_dir/toolchain-mips_mips32_gcc-5.4.0_musl/linux-

Here is my migration (to LEDE v17.01.4 with 3.18 kernel):

And prebuilt image/packages:

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And to collect all packages for Asterisk sip