Mikrotik mAP2nd mAP + USB LTE modem Huawei E3372 153 - should I expect any issues?

Hi. If there is anyone here who is/was using Mikrotik mAP2nd mAP (powered by PoE in) and USB LTE modem Huawei E3372-153 attached to MT's USB port - are there any known issues/ limitations I should be aware of?
Haven't really seen any on the forum, but would like to be 99% sure before I jump in reflashing my mAP.

Thank you!

Depends on E3372 model or variant and its firmware and operating mode.
What's printed on the sticker (E3372x-xxx)?

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I'm sorry, haven't mentioned I'm on e3372-153 (not 320, bought it on purpose, so I've updated the topic)

Then you should be good. With 21.x modem firmware you will use it in NCM [mode], with 22.x - in HiLink, e.g. as as an extra NAT router.

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Thank you! Just in case - is your answer based on practical experience for the mAP, or it's more of a common sense/knowledge?

It is based on practical experience with OpenWrt and modems. I do not see anything special about mAP yet.

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