Mikrotik LHG R add device support

If you never touched RouterBOOT settings, the same way booted OpenWRT initramfs.

Read the manual here to understand the LED patterns: https://help.mikrotik.com/docs/display/UM/LHG+R#heading-Resetbutton
At boot, you hold in the reset button until the LED goes out (~25 seconds). For netinstall you can keep holding it in until device shows in netinstall software, no difference.
You can watch the port you are using with tcpdump or wireshark. Need to see BOOTP
If you had changed boot proto to DHCP, you will need to reset RouterBOOT settings (hold reset button 5-10 seconds at boot. see reset RouterOS configuration to defaults in manual page.)

Netinstall on linux only uses the first interface. I used macvlans to get around this.

There is a difference between starting to hold the reset button before power on (backup bootloader), or after power. Try both if not working.

I was able to get it!
I finally got the netinstall to see the router and i installed 6.49.1 and also downgraded the routerboard as well.
once i got routeros to boot i made sure bootp was selected and proceeded to install the ROOter software. Now i have all the drivers for the modems and the em7511 is running perfectly on the LHG-R.
Only thing is this has a 100Meg port and no 1000M. but where im using this is for the Highgain antenna so i wont be getting 100 megs anyway.

Thanks to this forum and ROOter i got what i was after.

See above. i was posting as you posted.