Mikrotik Hotspot, Openwrt Dum AP and Clients connected with 802.11s, Multiple IP Assignments

Hello Folks,


I am using Mikrotik Hotspot for sharing internet between users. Recently I have added Openwrt routers to my setup.

One Openwrt Dual Band Router acting as dumb AP, is connected via ethernet cable to Mikrotik Router Board. Openwrt router is broadcasting 802.11s mesh network using its 5Ghz radio. While 2Ghz radio is broadcasting 802.11r access point.

Numerous others Openwrt routers, I call them a Mesh Access Points, are connected with dumb AP using 802.11s on 5Ghz and broadcasting 802.11r access points on 2Ghz radio.

A user connected to 802.11r access points gets authenticated by Mikrotik Router boards and ip address is assigned to it. Each user can get logged on at its one device and I do not let them use their account logged on multiple device at a time to limit bandwidth usage allocated to a user. Everything is working perfectly.


For some Mesh Access Points, I want to broadcast two separate WiFi access points, one is acting as dumb access point, user connected to it, gets ip from Mikrotik router board in the same way as mentioned earlier, along with one more access point which gets IP from Mikrotik and broadcast its own DHCP server, assigning ip address to all connected users. This Access point will be linked to one Mikrotik Hotspot account based upon its MAC address.

I can produce the same results by creating AP & Client (DHCP enabled) and want to combine both scenarios in one access point. Is this possible?