Mikrotik hEXS with OpenWrt 21.02

I have flashed the openwrt on Mikrotik RB760iGS (hEX S). Pure router, no wifi.
the procedure worked very well and I have a running Luci.
I am now trying to configure it for my ISP. (T-Bobile Thuis)
This needs to have a VLANN 300.
however, I am unable to find the SWITCH option and create the VLANs.
The Mikrotik router has a SFP that I want to use as a WAN (I do have fiber optic).

At the moment I have configured a Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800 already configured for the same ISP with openvpn client to secure all my devices. (as I have a gigabit internet connection and dont have nearly enough good performances with this router, I am looking for improvements with Mikrotik)

The same procedure I cant do it as I cant find the way to create VLANs.

  1. how do you create VLANs in this scenario?
  2. do you have a suggestion how to use SFP as a ISP WAN port?

Thank you

Any suggestions?

CAn someone sugest the correct group for discussing the above situation?
thank you

Hi, I believe if the SFP is a separate interface to the switch, you do not use the switch config page. Instead you can simply create a new interface with the naming convention ethX.Y where X is the ethernet interface and Y is the vlan you want, e.g. eth1.35 for VLAN 35. There is an example at the end of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=48mcR4oGn_0&t=1120s

FYI, I don't own this router yet, but I've ordered one, please let me know how you go!

Thanks @david-collett for answering. I will look at the video pretty soon.
the router was quite good and performing under Mikrotik. But I must admit, it was a bit too complicated and less user friendly to configure on MK.
Yes, I lost Switch menu!
As soon as I worked that out, I will report.
At the moment I have 2 routers (1 MK and 1 Netgear Nighthawk X4S R7800). The project is to have a pure router (no AP) at fiber optic entrance, and 2 dumb ap with 802.11r to cover the all house for easy roaming.
All the openwrt routers are V. 21.02 rc-4

small update...
@david-collett I must say I did see that video and could not get what I want out of it. But you trigged my attention on this youtuber and found an other video:

that has the situation I have: no switch
So now I am going to take my MK and see what I can do with it.
By curiosity , you said you order one router like mine. Is it to flash openwrt or to use it with routerboard?

that's common with all devices that use DSA - have you read these https://openwrt.org/docs/guide-user/network/dsa/start

No I did not. But eventually I did figured that out!
Not a lot of documentation about how to in DSA on openwrt.

FYI, I don't own this router yet, but I've ordered one, please let me know how you go!

I managed to create the VLAN 300.
It works. However, things gets more complex... I have SFP port I want to use as a WAN. But port 1 is WAN. Once I configure SFP as WAN, it goes well. However, it seems I cant eliminate the WAN from port 1. When I do that, SFP looses connection.
I think that port1 (WAN) have to stay even if not really used as WAN. And cant use it as a LAN port 1.
I am still working on it.
One thing I noticed is that this router uses each port individually. I am not yet sure but probably is easier to separate LAN networks per LAN PORT.
I will play a little more with it.
If you know how to use SFP only as WAN and adding PORT1 to LAN, I would love to know how.
My searches gave no results on that.

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Yes, I chose it for the hardware to run OpenWRT from the start. I don't have an opinion on routerOS having never used it.

This thread may also assist:

Yes, I figure as well that port1 is axctually WAN port.
All the try out I have done to delete it resulted in cutting all WAN connection even if I use fiber optic straight in SFP.
I hope more documentation will come up soon.
Makes little use to have port1 WAN not used as WAN when SFP is used as WAN.
I have made no new tests since last I wrote.
Will try again.
If I have to live with 4 LAN port, be it! I can use switches when needed.

About routerboard.. is actually a pretty solid OS. But I find it still too complex to keep using it. It requires more knowledge than I have. And I dont want to expose my network by making accidental mistakes in its maze of options and settings.

My HexS turned up and I did some experimenting. It looks like your desired configuration is certainly possible.

What you have to do is (In network/interfaces, devices tab):

  1. Hit 'Configure' on wan device and give it the same MAC as lan2-5.
  2. Configure br-wan and remove the wan port from bridge (leaving only sfp)
  3. Configure br-lan and add wan port to bridge.
  4. apply and/or reboot.

I can confirm that this results in being served a lan ip on port 1. What I cant confirm is that the SFP work, but I think it will, it has a different MAC.

I think much of the confusion here is due to the name of that port ("wan"), and it cannot be changed. The names (wan, lan2, lan3 etc) are in fact hard-coded in the driver which you can see in the patch:

Hope this helps,

interesting. I did have SFP working. so I assume that with your addition to the config, it shall work.
I will test it soon.
As you have the same router, you noticed it also has a POE in and out.
Do you see how that would work?
I dont see any settings for POE at all. (or i cant find it)
Yet, I could make use of it.

There aren't any PoE settings in the luci gui as far as I know. I have successfully powered my hex from a ubiquity branded 48v PoE injector plugged into the wan ethernet port. To force passive PoE out on lan5 port, you can issue the following commands in an ssh terminal:

uci set system.poe_passthrough.value=1
uci commit

Then reboot the router, and you should see the activity LED for port 5 turn red. I have not tested actually powering anything from port 5 yet though as I don't have any other PoE equipment. I have a ubiquity unify 6-lite access point on its way that I am hoping to power this way.


I will try to spend some more time soon and try this option.
I have 2 mikrotik ap as well that I want to turn into openwrt. In that case I will create a cabled mesh wifi in the house
will keep posting...

Hi, I am here to report ...
I managed to create the VLANs I needed.
for internet and TV using my ISP, I need VLAN 300 for wan.
I successfully set SFP as a WAN and as you suggested, I moved WAN to LAN. All works fine.
HOWEVER, after having all my lan setup with a second DUMB AP upstairs, my connection speed dropped drastically.
I have a 1GB internet connection using ISP.
With this new setup AND without any VPN yet setup, I a lot of speed!
I though was my dumb AP that killed it, but than I put back a stupid fritz router I had before as a second AP... my speed remain the same... pretty bad.
I thought that using the SFP directly in the mikrotik router I would have an increase of speed. Basically bypassing the media converter I got from ISP (fiber-optic to rj45).
I am quite disappointed now after so many hours of test and tryout.
With the ISP router I could get a lot better speed!

QUESTIONS that remain open:
Is OPENWRT somehow limiting?

did you try the mikrotik router live already?
what is your take on speed and performances?

This is speedtest results:

I'm afraid I can't really help you there, as my internet connection is only 50Mbit!

I received my Proscend PS180-T VDSL2 SFP two days ago, and it was been working flawlessly, so yes, the Hex-S is now in service and working well, but of course limited by my connection to 50Mbit.

I assume your speedtest was from a PC plugged straight into one of the lan ports on the hex?

There may be performance tweaks available, or you may have reached the performance limit of the device. Hopefully some others (here or in mikrotik forums) can help you.


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I will keep hoping and working on it.
Any experience on software offload?
if I make no mistakes, there is an option for it.

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