Mikrotik HAP AC2: wan port trunk - other ports untagged


I use 2 Mikrotik HAP AC2 as dumb access points with OpenWRT 21.02.3.
I need to use the "WAN" port as trunk and the rest of ports as untagged ports. I tried manually configuring /etc/config/network and adding 5t as trunk on all vlans as this port is not present on the switch section but it's not working. The vlans are not 1 or 2.
Anyone has a solution for this problem?

I need to do that because i need POE for these routers.

i will try to answer you from my memory, so forgive me if i am left something out, as i don't use hap ac2 anymore

when robimarko first added support for ac2 , it was
swconfig / essedma
there is no real eth1, only emulated eth1 (wan)
so, vlans are not possible on WAN

i used patch from notengobattery, some specialized builds for IPQ 40xx and applied patch from there
this way old swconfig started to work as expected, and no more ETH1 so vlans are working on all ports
but it is a "hand job" to pick, modify, apply patch

now i see ansuel started working on ipq40xx DSA implementation, but PR is is still in testing phase

sorry if i left something out

finally found the PR

good news is that HAP AC2 is tested

Thank you for the good news! I will wait for the next rc or stable version hoppeing that DSA will be added for this device.

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