Mikrotik hAP ac with SFP module


Does anyone use their Fiber connection on the Mikrotik hAP ac? (RB962UiGS-5HacT2HnT)

I am brand new to OpenWRT and wanted to try it on this router. I followed the well written instructions and managed to flash my device. But I discovered that the SFP was not supported on eth1. Only the gigabit ethernet was recognized. Mikrotik's router bonds the 2 interfaces together (eth1 is either SFP or regular ethernet cable), and I guess that's a problem.

Not sure what to do now? I can furnish system log and kernet log if that's useful to devs.

Thanks for any pointers.


Back at original Mikrotik RouterOS firmware which is very complicated for a noob, but at least sfp works.
What I noticed is that the Mikrotik interfaces includes a special sfp1 interface of type ethernet, as well as ether1-5 interfaces. So this special sfp1 interface is not detected by OpenWRT and so, you cannot use SFP on the Mikrotik router. A serious bug/omission in my opinion and should be clearly marked as to avoid the hassle of flashing OpenWRT and then back to RouterOS.