Mikrotik GPL source

Does anybody have recent Mikrotik GPL sources?
I contacted Mikrotik and they gave me GPL sources from 2014 which are useless as I am working on supporting Powerbox.
After replying that I need fresh sources I have not received a reply from Mikrotik.



Already saw and read that.
They replied but with sources from 2014. that is not usefull because Powerbox is much newer.
Eventually they replied that they will prepare updated sources and send me.
But when I dont know

There is old patch from mikrotik. If you got something new - please share.

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Already saw that one.
Unfortunately it is too old,still have not received new sources like I was promised


I forked wsxarcher's repository and i did two branch where:

  1. The branch patch_2017.02.03 has linux-3.3.5 source plus last gpl patch reported by wsxarcher
  2. The second one branch patch_2016.02.09 has linux-3.3.5 source plus the 2016 patch.

someone are working on mikrotik?

Thanks,will look at your fork to see if they use different identifier for Powerbox or it is the same as for Hex Poe Lite as they are pretty much the same device.
They are two differences only:
Powerbox is made for outdoor use and it lacks USB port.

I'm hacking rb3011.
rb750gr3 already working with kernel 4.12.x (see here).

And finally I got reply.
They sent me fresh GPL from RouterOS 6.41 RC38

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I've added the last patch to routeros-linux-patch

Awesome, I already posted to GitHub.
But it's nice to have a couple of versions in the same place.

What's the URL to the GitHub repo? Thanks.

Here, you can also use link that @Ciusss89 posted

With code for voltage measurement for various board :slight_smile:

Yes, this is the first time they included that.
I only wish I knew how to implement that code in LEDE.
They use the same IC in pretty much everything that can measure voltage.

That feature would be awesome if someone can get it to work in LEDE since lately absolutely same method and code is used for all products.

IC used is ZT2046Q