Migrating from Gargoyle to LEDE


What would be the best and safest way to update Archer C7v2 by running the latest Gargoyle Vs (1.10.1) for LEDE?

can I do it via WEBGUI using sysupgrade.bin, or is it better to go back to the factory FW before?


Download the "stripped" Archer C7 V2 firmware file here...


Unzip, and flash back to stock with the .bin file.

Download the LEDE "...squashfs-factory.bin" firmware file here...


Flash the LEDE firmware from the stock web GUI.


Thanks for help, but...

"Download the “stripped” Archer C7 V2 firmware file here…

http://www.friedzombie.com/tplink-stripped-firmware/ "

Can I use this FW downloaded from the site, and make the original back through Gargoyle WEB interface?


Flash the stripped stock firmware from the Gargoyle web GUI.

@jwoods thank you one more time for the reply,

I have one more question, using this modified FW stock file, it is possible to revert the LEDE to the TP-Link stock as well ?, I say use to save the stock by LUCI.


PS. I will make this upgrade to nigth,

According to the FriedZombie site, it's possible.

I use TFTP to go back to stock.

I'm afraid to use it because I already had a bricked Archer C50, because I did a bad TFTP, and I just recovered it by re-recording the chip with a dump of the stock "bios"

And I was not lucky to record the entire FW of the C7 (backup dump), as I did not want to un-solder the chip from the card.

Then don't.

I've done it many times, with no issues.

Essentially, following this tutorial on using a TFTP server from an attached computer works pretty well...


The router doesn't have to be "bricked" to use this method.

In your case, you would download the stock firmware file from TP-Link, and rename it to archerC7v2_tp_recovery.bin

I did this yesterday on a C7.


You can dump your flash chip from a running OpenWrt / LEDE and I would think Gargoyle since it is OpenWrt.

Access the command line and cat /dev/mtdX > /tmp/flashX.bin Then scp those bin files to your PC. The important ones to get are the bootloader (almost always mtd0) and the ART radio data (usually mtd6). If you have all the partitions copied you can splice them together and use a flash programmer to make an exact copy of your flash.

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@mk24 Thaks for reply

I'm going to try, I used filezila, (in DD-WRT install), to copy files via SSH, but in Gargoyle it does not work, I'll look for how to commands in Mac terminal for save in the files for Mac hard drive, and make this copy as fast as possible for security.


only have 5 mtd's files, is correct?

cat /proc/mtd