MIFI 3g - How can i get the 3g internal modem working?

Hey guys,
I am trying to create a minimal firmware with tor support for my gl-inet MIFI. Been playing around with imagebuilder for the last days, but i cant seem to get the 3g modem working without using luci.
How can i get the 3g internal modem working .. :roll_eyes: :grimacing:

Use LuCI to get a running config, then use those files in your build.

i have been trying to do so, but must overlook some files/packages somewhere. Any tips on how to get the correct files to use for the build..?

You can find all the files you've changed from the ROM with

find /overlay/upper

which may provide some clues.

sysupgrade -l

will show what should be preserved by sysupgrade, which is probably a shorter list.

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