Microcontroller With Ath9k (or Opensource) Chip?

Are microcontrollers with ath9k chip existing? Or some other opensource driver, maybe the mediatek stuff (mt76uxx)?

Do you mean a dev board or a fully integrated SoC?
Should it be capable to run linux?

Both. :stuck_out_tongue: Dev board is something like raspberry pi, or?
Actually, I want something small like an esp32, but there I have full control over the wireless stack.

Look seeedstudio linkit one

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Just looking at this and there is the call

/*! \brief Send processed tx packet 
 * Send a packet to the low level transport driver.
 * This packet has to have been successfully processed by the
 * wl_process_tx() function.
 * @param buf Buffer to send.
 * @param len Length of buf in bytes.
 * @return 
 *         - WL_FAILURE if the interface is not ready to send.
 *         - WL_SUCCESS if the packet was successfully transmitted.
wl_err_t wl_tx(const uint8_t* buf, uint16_t len);

The medium access layer is at the low level transport driver? :confused:
But actually, the device is very cool because it allows me to send raw data packets! :smiley: But I would like to access this low level transport driver.

I think I mean firmware and not driver. Sry.

Binary blobs everywhere!
Try https://github.com/open-sdr/openwifi

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Interesting! :slight_smile:
Okay, but that is 200€ for a soc... xD