Microchip ATSAMA5D27-WLSOM1 - Configure and enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Hi Everyone,

Do you know how to configure/enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on the Microchip ATSAMA5D27-WLSOM1 - OpenWRT v22030?
I have followed microchip documents to configure/enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions; however, I could not enable them.
The documents I were using are:

Thanks in advance!

The table of hardware only has the SOM1 device, which doesn’t include a wifi module.

Is the device shown in dmesg? Or via lspci or lsusb?

You will likely need to create a custom dts that enables the module interface, and then add the needed kernel modules

The device is not showed in dmesg or via lspci or lsusb.
The WILC3000 driver is not integrated.

Should "Microchip SAMA5D27 WSOM1 Ek" be removed from openWRT to avoid the confusion?
The Wi-fi and Bluetooth drivers are not integrated.

The WLSOM1 isn’t in the table of hardware, so there’s nothing to be removed.

As I said above you need to create a custom dts that supports the wireless interface

Since they have a variant of the card which plugs into a SD slot, it's almost certainly a SDIO bus.

make menuconfig,
select Atmel AT91 --> SAMA5 boards(Cortex-A5)
Below is the selection:
│ Target System (Microchip (Atmel AT91)) ---> │ │
│ │ Subtarget (SAMA5 boards(Cortex-A5)) ---> │ │
│ │ Target Profile (Microchip SAMA5D27 WSOM1 Ek) --->

The WILC3000 is not included in the openWRT v22030 version, we can't use the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth function with openWRT.