MIB Counters for QCA8337 (Netgear R7800)

Hi devs, is there a use case for constantly refreshing MIB counters in ar8xxx switches and specifically QCA8337 for Netgear R7800. They have been identified as a major contributor to the latency issues on this router (Possible cause of R7800 latency issues). So far, a fix/hack is to completely disable them, but they must have been added for a reason. Anyone can suggest an idea about the right/recommended way to approach this issue, unless of course disabling them is a good enough solution. Thx in advance.

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We should send this to the mailing list

What mailing list?


Devo don't pay so much attention to forum

@fantom-x look here: http://lists.infradead.org/mailman/listinfo/lede-dev

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As to the "why" MIB counters are maintained, some people use them to understand the behavior of the system, often remotely. It sounds like for this specific device (or perhaps class of devices), it may be valuable to allow them to be disabled either through run-time configuration or a compile-time option.

Thx, I know what they are used for. I was asking about the use case for them in OpenWRT and specifically for a home router platform.

they are useless for a home router platform... we should add a compilation flag to enable it if someone actually need it...

Aren't these used in SNMP???

If they are removed, would SNMP polling work for this hardware?

Perhaps I'm not clear...

i think snmp is based on proc value from kernel... not from value of the driver...