Mi WiFi 3G bricked

My router is bricked and I have tried to unbrick it using an arduino serial connection but I can't select any option in the bootloader.
It bootloops with kernel panic.

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Have you properly connected to the RX and GND posts on your router?

I checked it so many times with different wires

Do you see a delay in the bootloader boot menu?
If not try holding down the desired key for the tftp boot option and then power on the router...
If this does not work try another terminal console program.

I see a countdown but nothing happens when I press the desired key
I have tried with different console

I've used a ch340 based ttl to usb adapter which worked fine for initial flashing and also after first boot of factory firmware...
Which chipset or adapter are you using?
Does it support 3.3v and 5v ttl logic?

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