Mi wifi 3G 18.06.1 Luci issue after some time

It's been twice that I have a problem with luci on my xiaomi mi WIFI 3G router
The installation goes well but after several weeks / months, the luci interface is no longer accessible
Last time I made a hard reset to reinstall everything and have access to the web admin again

I have the problem again after several weeks / months
For information the router works fine but I can not configure it via the web admin interface (ssh is working)

is it possible to fix this problem without doing a hard reset ?

From SSH issue the following:
/etc/init.d/uhttpd restart
This will restart the http server in case it was stuck.
If it doesn't work, issue the following command and paste here the output:
netstat -anp | grep http
This will show if there is an http server alive.

As a last resort, uninstall and reinstall the Luci
opkg remove luci && opkg --force-reinstall install luci

There's a bug that creates corrupted files every once in a while for some users. I think it's fixed in 18.06.2, which should be out in a few days. If not it will be fixed in v19, but there is no release date for it yet.

If it happens again you can fix it without a reset by finding out which file(s) have been corrupted and replace or fix them.


Thanks for yours reply

trendy : /etc/init.d/uhttpd restart do not correct the luci issue
I will try unistall and reinstall

Per : it is good to know that it is a knowed issue that will be fixed
I have have already try to replace /etc/config/uhttpd with a backup file -> the Luci web interface is accessible now but my login/password is not working in Luci interface (it is working in ssh) -> I have modified the root password in ssh, it still is not working with luci interface

There are some possible solutions here: Unable to logon via Luci, able via ssh

Either way, it's probably another corrupted file somewhere.

Firmware 18.06.02 will be officially release really soon

What is the best way to upgrade in my situation (some corrupted files due to 18.06.01 bug and Web admin interface Luci not working) ?

  1. Upgrade via SSH
  2. Hard reset factory to 18.06.01 and upgrade via Web admin page Luci

If the answer is hard reset, could confirm me what is the valid procedure to hard reset factory to 18.06.01 via SSH ?


I would go with option 2., Since option 1 won't actually fix already corrupted files.

Running the firstboot command via SSH will perform a factory reset.