Mi router does not work

I connect with putty, the system is not responding,
network does not work
Usb does not work
I connect putty with serial usb, but u-boot (coolterm) not receiving command
please help me

Why don't you try option 2 to flash stock firmware? Then you can give a try to OpenWrt...
If it doesn't work, try option 4, usually "?", from command line, gives you the available commands.

I forget it... say us the exact model.

Thank you for the answer, but the problem is that the command doesn't work.
I can't intervene in any way
Model: Mi router 3 (mir3)

For the amount of memory, 128MB, you have got Xiaomi MiWiFi 3G v2, without USB port.
There is only "snapshot" version for V2, so you don't have Luci GUI. Go to:

Very important information:

From here you must go to:


as you wrote here, you need to connect to sp memory
but I don't have such hardware,
i have uart usb cable
do you know a different solution

Take a look at 343 answer

The bootloader is set up with bootdelay=0 which means it will not wait for anyone to enter a menu option-- it will always boot from flash. The bootloader CLI can never be brought up.

Thus it was necessary to write directly to flash with hardware (if not to write a whole firmware, at least to change the bootdelay). Later someone found a way to hack into the stock firmware, which became the preferred method to install OpenWrt on this device.

but not working bootloader :slight_smile:

yes yes I am looking, but there is only CH341 solution. Can I solve this what I need in another way. I don't want to buy CH341, but a new router is cheaper

Is the installed firmware the Mi stock firmware, or open OpenWrt?

The booting stalls at "starting kernel"?

System failed while trying to install openwrt

Hello @mk24
In the first picture says OpenWrt 4.14.151, so I guess @ozkam flashed the device directly without the hack, and now it doesn't boot. He need the stock firmware to apply the hack, what is not possible now.
Solution in this situation is CH341 or silimar