Mi router C4 with weak signal on openwrt 21.02.0-rc1

Hi, i noticed that the mi router C4 has a weak wifi signal compared with other devices, anyyone can tell me the best network configuration to reach the best signal range, what is it better? width 20mhz or 40, should i force 40mhz, does channel number affect on signal strenght?
please help me with the best wireless setup.
Thank you helpers

you should leave the channel to auto. channel width 20mhz is good because it causes less interference. 40mhz is actually faster and for greater speeds but it causes more interference in crowded areas so doesn't work very well and that's why 5GHz band exists because it works really good even at 80mhz. it might be your C4 has gotten older and you need another router because these type of cheaper routers are not very reliable and have less lifetime.

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