Mi Router 4C low range and transmit power

I have a Xiaomi mi 4C router laying around. Ive upgraded to a new router coz I had troubles with MI 4C.
That router has a very small and unstable range. I installed openwrt and I noticed that I cant set Wireless transmit power above 14dBm. Usually any cheap common router will have around 20dBm but why is that just 14dBm?
I tried changing to many regions but still couldnt find anything more than 14dBm.

I tried Xwrt, Padavan but its the same. Transmission power is very low. How can I improve this? Like I want it 18 or 20 dBm.

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what kind of wireless chipset the device has. there is no information

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Have a look here

yes but nothing in wlan hardware.

Yah :frowning:
seems so.

4C is a lowest cost router in Xiaomi, only one SOC chip, no external RF power Amp, no external LNA, even no external RAM chip, but still near full software functions (no USB port). US$10~20 for a new one.
Please do not expect it can do everything.


Yes exactly. These were sold for small apartments and other use cases where high performance or long range is not needed.

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I thought when i switch to xwrt firmware from openwrt, the wifi transmit power become 24 i see it in a youtube video 1 year ago,