Mi Router 4A Vs Redmi AC2100

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a new router and in the "cheap" range I found two interesting ones:

The first one has 6 antennas, 1733 Mbps on the 5 GHz, 128 MB ram, the second one has 4 antennas (easier to install vertically, I guess?), 1167 Mbps, 256 MB ram.
Both have MU-MIMO.

The first one seems more difficult to root, while the second one is straightforward.

Do you have any suggestions or reasons not to get the 6 antenna, 1733 Mbps Redmi? My thought is that 128 MB are already enough and I'd rather have more WiFi bandwidth.

In the meantime I'm checking which other devices run openwrt and can do AC 2100, but it seems they are all much more expensive. I was planning to spend maximum 70 euro, I also considered the gl-b1300 but the Resmi looked like a better performing solution.

Thanks in advance

Mi 4A has only 128mb of memory
I'm having both the mi 4A and the Redmi AC2100 router, which is pretty similar internally to the Xiaomi black cylinder.

In my experience, you need to invest the same amount of effort to root them, it's just a different exploit method.

I recommend the AC2100 variant for two reasons

  1. additional bandwidth
  2. mt7615 (the chip that handles the 5ghz on the AC2100) is under heavy development in openwrt and keeps improving

my 2 cents

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Thanks, I'll go for that one