Mi Router 3 Pro back to stock firmware

I want to rollback my r3p pro to stock firmware, i have followed some tutorials that said to do ssh login and put some commands after that reboot holding reset until orange led start to blink, after that it will start to flash the firmware from usb (with file named miwifi.bin).

but when i release reset button it start to blink red and nothing happens.

What should i do?

i’ll make a guess that it was the “reverting“ section of https://openwrt.org/toh/xiaomi/mi_router_3_pro

I never had a Mi or an USB-emergency-flashable router. After years of flash experience on PC BIOSes via USB, I would suspect the USB stick was not recognized or the USB stick format was maybe not accepted. (I am assuming that the instruction is correct and that it was precisely followed)

so I can only help in suggesting, to check the stick format, fresh-format it, and try again and try other sticks, preferrably an older USB 1.x or 2.0 stick.

my stick was formatted with FAT32 partition. I will try with some 1.0 or 2.0 one...