Mi AC2100 Brick issues

I flashed a mi rom on openwrt. After that i could not access my router using any ip. Please give me some solution.

maybe same as my 4C, flash IC changed an un-listed new IC:

did you solve your problem?

sure! mod the patch file, and re-build it by myself.

and in your case, ac2100 using 128M flash, not same in my Nor flash. please check.

without accessing my router ip, how can i do that?
please don't mind. i am not a technical person that's why i have little knowledge on it.

try to debrick it first, back to stock firmware, then find the root cause.
I do not have ac2100, donot know how to do.

Which OpenWrt image exactly did you flash?

Can the Xiaomi MiWifiRepairToolx86 be used to reload Xiaomi stock firmware?


Spi adapter

Remove socket & add to your PCB