Metered connection

for windows devices they can detect if a wireless network is metered by setting hoastapd options in openwrt.
Android also has this when sharing a connection to another Android device and Ios has another way of doing it also.

I have setup the windows method and it is working how do I go about implementing the other two?

as i understand it an Android device acting as a WiFi hotspot or a tethering device will set DHCP option 43 to string ANDROID_METERED ,and will force that option to be returned in a DHCP response.

In iOS information is not so forth coming but I found this:
debugging - Decoding the Apple vendor tag in the 802.11 beacon - Reverse Engineering Stack Exchange

tried adding DHCP option 43 to dnsmasq ?

I don't really understand the formatting but is this correct assuming I have 2 dnsmasq instances named kids_lan and adults_lan and interfaces named the same?:

uci add_list dhcp.kids_lan.dhcp_option="43,ANDROID_METERED"
uci add_list dhcp.adults_lan.dhcp_option="43,ANDROID_METERED"
uci commit dhcp
service dnsmasq restart

Probably don't need the tags, if you're applying it to both, just like option 6, in the example.

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