Messed up my installation - advice?


something is not right with my installation and after spending some time troubleshooting it, I think it may be easier if I simply rebuilt it from scratch if I can, somehow, preserve my current configuration. I really don't want to set up again OpenVPN again, Interfaces, wireless configuration, etc. I really don’t know what I did, but I clearly messed it up.

I'm considering this options because I recently started seeing errors on the frontend like these

and this section is blank

Do you guys think I can retain my configuration somehow and rebuild my system, or if my lucí interface is corrupted I may carry the issues over if intend to redeploy my configuration? what would you suggest I do?

Thanks a million in advance!

Hi @kitus

it is doable, at least, part of it

since OWRT config backup is pure textual files, you could

  1. backup
  2. reset to factory default
  3. open config files one by one in text editor and use them as reminder what need to be setup