Mesh11sd configuration with existing mesh

Hunting back and forth should not happen like that. It must be a consequence of setting autoconfig to off somehow. The option mesh_rssi_threshold should be set in the mesh11sd config and not in the wireless config because not all systems set it correctly in wireless config. There was a recent commit in that should allow it to be set in wireless, but it does not seem consistent over various radio chipsets.

I will look to see if I can replicate it.

You can use the mesh11sd mesh_rssid_threshold command to show and adjust the current value.
It takes effect when a node connects directly, but once connected and the signal drops it will stat connected. In multipath propagation of the microwave signal, this can cause problems, so adjusting the threshold and the transmit power is very useful for minimising these problems.

Yes I have a nice healthy bug list, much wrt auto_config set to off, so expect a new version very soon :wink:


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