Mesh Wlan fails after hours

I've setup a mesh-wlan with 3 TL-WR1043 (v2) using openwrt 19.0.7., wpad-mesh-openssl package.
They work well for hours and then there is suddenly no connection.

Wireless (radio0) is still alive, but no "association". LAN is working right.

I've found similar on the web, and the solution was rebooting several times. Hm, I know it's an older issue, but is there still no solution? Or is it a TP-link hardware prob?


I have seen the same issue on a Ubiquiti Nanostation. The problem was running out of ram. It would happen after minutes but the Nanostation only has 32MB. Your wr1030 has 64MB..... I jumped to 128MB with a GL-iNet mt300m and not had the problem again.
So I have a feeling that quite possibly this is your problem....