Mesh with 3 APs

Hi !

I'm using 3 Archer C7 v2 in my enviroment. 2 of them (AP1 and AP2) are connected to ethernet backhaul (1st floor and 3rd floor). the 3rd (AP3) one is supposed to be outside where is noch ethernet plug... so i setup mesh in all of them.
I made it two ways.

  1. Variant => all 3 APs are in the same mesh network => works
  2. Variant => AP3 has AP1 as a mesh point, but also a seperate one to AP2 (so AP1 and AP2 don't have a connection)
    Both are working (it seems so)
    My question is... does it has any disadvantages to use variant 1 because AP1 and AP2 have a mash AND an ethernet connection ? Or is it better to use variant 2 ?

Ciao Gerd