Mesh+Wireguard+OpenWrt: Which routers are viable?


I'm wondering about options for mesh plus Wireguard and if its possible.
At which router models can it work, if so? Not finding much on a search.

Can find plenty of Mesh router model examples, and routers that support Wireguard but not so much on WG plus mesh via OpenWRT. Any help is appreciated.

How fast do you need the WireGuard throughput? Do you need SQM as well?

Yes, WireGuard can run over a mesh. Mesh is just transport. WireGuard, within reason, doesn't care what the transport is.

well ideally Gigabit. So farI found and Let me search ipks. Can you let m eknow what you know on it, packages and so forth?

Keywords / phrases being (close -to) gigabit throughput / wireguard / mesh / openwrt / compatible routers / and I guess HWNAT / acceleration I guess.

I know merlin can do 6 - 700 on RT-AC86u using entware based Wireguard. But thats them and not even mesh. I want OpenWRT, and fast WG Mesh.

Gigabit throughput for WireGuard is, from what I've tested, only available with x86_64/AMD64 with AES-NI. (Note: I have not tested "mvebu" devices yet.)

WireGuard is available in packages, as is a LuCI interface for it.

802.11s is supported with wpad-mesh and it may be that wpad-full on master supports it as well. IBSS is generally supported. Check the wireless driver, especially if not a QCA chip set, however. I believe the Marvell wireless does not support 802.11s and haven't looked into IBSS.

batman-adv and OSLR are available through packages as well. It comes down to a choice of the technology and routing you prefer.

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