Mesh, WDS or Repeater Mode between 2 OWRT routers?


I want to set up for my Girlfriend that already has a Redmi AC2100 with OpenWrt 23.05.3, another AP as a repeater In this case a Xiaomi Mi 4A 100M International. Wired backhaul is not possible.

I currently have for her a very old Netgear WNR2000v4 connected as a wireless repeater but I want to upgrade it for the Mi 4A.

Is it better to configure it as a Wireless Repeater, AP with WDS or enable a Mesh???

On the latter 2 cases I know I have to add a new wireless interface on the Redmi AC2100 either AP WDS or Mesh and do the same on the Mi 4A.

Which option is better? I plan to use the 5GHz radio for backhaul and add another 5G SSID to match the original and enable 802.11r for roaming. I know the bandwith will be cut in half.

I'd like to read your thoughts about this.


I would go with WDS:

  • change mode in the main router from AP to AP (WDS) (or add option "wds" 1 to the config)
  • set up the second router in Client (WDS) mode and add it to 'lan' network
  • set up a normal AP interface on the second router, and enable 11r on both

Mesh can also work but it is a bit more complicated.

I would never set up a "repeater" using relayd as it is a hack, and should be used only as a last option.

If you have a good signal, the fastest you'll get is probably ~200-250Mbps on wifi (and 100Mbps on lan as it doesn't have gigabit ports)


If I change the main router as AP (WDS), I still can connect to that AP normally with other devices? I.e. get wifi?? Or do I need to add another Wireless device as a normal access point?

When you switch to AP (WDS), you can still connect normally. It's just that clients that use WDS (4 address mode) can also communicate with the AP and provide access to additional devices behind it (via wifi or ethernet), in this case your MI 4A.

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