Mesh Support for Archer C7 V2?

Running OpenWrt 22.03.2 with no issues
Is there a flash image available or way to get mesh Support on this router?


No image, but you can add the functionality yourself.

Look into b.a.t.m.a.n.

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Hi do you have a link?

For what.. ?

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@EwOkIE you can also check this video:

This a great video tutorial using BATMAN and Mesh.

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Batman is a bit of an overkill formost domestic applications.
See this:


Isn't 5ghz on that QCA9880 based?

If it is you'll probably need to uninstall the ath10k -ct firmware and kmod-ath10k-ct driver, replace them with the non-ct versions and reboot, because the -ct firmware for the chip doesn't support 802.11s

You'll also need to replace wpad-basic with one with mesh support, eg wpad-wolfssl, or wpad-mesh-wolfssl.