Mesh setup Xiaomi AX3600/1800

Hey all,

I have Xiaomi AX3600 running OpenWrt. Also, I have Xiaomi AX1800 with stock software.

As I understood, I can't install OpenWrt on Ax1800.

I was wondering, is it possible to use AX1800 with stock software as AP with mesh? I need AP, because of the many walls in the apartment.

Here is what I imagine as a setup - 3 wifi networks, 3 VLANs, 1 AP with mesh connectivity.

In general, any advice on how to set up the network with the above hardware is more than welcome.


There is no real definition for 'mesh', vendors cobble up their own -incompatible- implementations. Aside from very rare exceptions (of vendors implementing 802.11s, which I think google wifi might be doing), there's little- to no chance to get this to interoperate.

tl;dr: No.

If they are connected by wire, you could use the AX3600 as Main Router, and AX1800 as repeater, and use both of them with the same SSID.
But roaming between AP's will be totally depend on your Client...