Mesh over LAN with Linksys AC 3200


I have 4 devices Linksys AC3200 with openwrt latest 22.03.

In my house i have in every floor one of theese device and I want use the mesh over LAN.

There is LAN on each floor and the routers should all have the same SSID and also the same WIFI key. How to set up the mesh via LAN in openwrt so that it is a WIFI network via mesh. I have search this topic via google but i dont found any FAQ

A mesh network is used for providing a backhaul over wireless.
There is no such thing as "mesh over lan".


Do you have your access points connected by ethernet?
Are you looking to have your devices roaming from AP to AP as you move round the house?

If so it's not a mesh network that you are looking for.

Thanks for the answer,

at the moment I use in the house Fritzboxes a main router and 4 clients as MESH repeater. The Fritzboxes are connected to each other with LAN and in the house I have only one WIFI SSID and go with my WIFI device from AP to AP.
Is it possible to do this with OpenWRT?

There is no such thing as a "mesh repeater".

A mesh network consists of a number of meshnodes communicating with each other over 802.11s wireless producing a self managing resilient backhaul network that can be used for many purposes, for example, connecting access points wirelessly to a router to get internet access.

If you have ethernet connecting your access points or you are using a wireless repeater then you don't need a mesh.

@bluewavenet isn't wrong in the traditional sense. Mesh usually means there’s a wireless backhaul connecting the router and nodes together. You can still have a wired backhaul ‘mesh’ , though, using batman-adv as the protocol to connect everything together. You’ll want to look up “how to setup a dumb AP” for how to configure your nodes and you’ll want to look up “batman-adv mesh” on how to configure the mesh protocol. Check out onemarcfifty on YouTube. He has very good videos on how to set up what you’re looking to do.

I think the OP wants to setup WiFi roaming.
He has been duped by marketing scams by numerous manufacturers into thinking "roaming" is "mesh". It's not the same thing at all.

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I guess a simple AP setup is all you need, given that you can connect the APs via a wired backhaul.

@Superbunny79 you don't need a mesh setup if they will all be connected via LAN. As others have mentioned you just need a dumb ap setup for the other routers with roaming enabled.

If you have multiple SSIDs (ex: Main and Guest), you will also need to use VLAN.


is there a tutorial for this? I have two wifi networks guest and the normal.
Furthermore, I would like to use the 5GHz and the 2.4 Ghz together.
Thanks in advance

You can checkout yt channel of OneMarcFifty, and you can start with this video: