Mesh organization of network?

I want to combine 3 asus rt-ac68u into mesh network on openwrt, but can they use wire connection to organize mesh network? I mean, all 3 devices connect to each other by wire and distribute wifi as mesh network. The same principle is found in ASUS Aimesh, which can also combine wifi points into mesh points. Is that possible on openwrt?

You probably don't need mesh when all 3 devices connect to each other by wire.
Just configure your APs with the same SSID and security settings.

And it is so possible?:slight_smile: Will it not be possible to reconnect to another network or will they work as well - seamless?

Do you have OpenWRT running on the devices already? I believe the RT-AC68U is a broadcom device and there's limited wifi support in OpenWRT. I'm not even sure if 5ghz works at all...

Thank you for the answer really googling found this 5GHz.
While I wait to move to openwrt.

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