Mesh or gretap (LAN + VLAN required on the remote endpoint))

I need to connect an L2 switch via wireless from a room where I don’t have any line of sight or can use cable, I don’t want to extend wifi I only need to connect a set of computers connected to the L2 switch in order for them to access the default LAN/VLANs:

main router <--> L2 switch --> (AP) <~~~> (AP) --> L2 switch

I have been reading about Mesh (BATMAN) but maybe is too much for my use case and only GreTap should be enough, the computers behind the remote L2 switch need to use the default LAN and VLAN, they run some VMs and via DHCP get their IP from the main router but the management interface uses the default LAN, works fine using a powerline but I get < 100Mbps, therefore, would like to go wireless.

Any advice?


Thanks for the link, in my case, I don't need wifi, just need to reach via wireless the remote endpoint, but wondering if after having the tunnel (gretap) the router connected to the L2 switch can start to send packets tagged:

AP(gretap) <~~~> AP(gretap) ---> L2 --> PC LAN/VLAN

PC (FreeBSD host using Bhyve) uses the default LAN and VLAN 20 for the VM's

The video shows shows how to tunnel vlans over wifi with gretap.

I thought that was what you were looking for.

Wifi itself does not support tagging