Mesh options are not applied

While /lib/netifd/wireless/ should parse and apply mesh_ options from /etc/config/wireless:

config wifi-iface 'mesh'
        option ifname 'mesh'
        option mode 'mesh'
        option mesh_gate_announcements '1'
        option mesh_hwmp_rootmode '1'

in fact they are not applied:

# iw mesh get mesh_param mesh_gate_announcements
# iw mesh get mesh_param mesh_hwmp_rootmode

Is this a known issue or I'm doing something wrong?

I can confirm this. I did report it on flyspray but did not get a response. However I found you can set everything using iw so it became less important to me.
On testing it seems setting most parameters in config fails because the mesh needs to be established first .. or so it seems from logs

My workaround is a script that reads the config then loops every 2 minutes, checking, then if necessary setting params.
This makes sure the settings are active and also reactivated after a network restart or running the wifi command.

Could you point me to flyspray?

Setting them with iw works.

Do you use this options for multiple-mesh-portals, does it works for you?

I was getting ip loops too. This is caused by the mesh continuously changing the path at layer 2 as the inter node link quality is not good enough.
I fixed it by setting mesh_rssi_threshold to -70 or -68 and enabling stp on the mesh interface.

I meant direct link, #632 right?

No not #632 but that looks like the same issue. I gave up trying to report anything as all I ever got, if anything, was "disect the problem yourself and tell the author, you are more likely to get a response that way".

Note my previous comment re fixing looping: