Mesh on 5GHz, it starts but does not work

Hi, I'm using 2 D-Link DGL-5500 and a DIR-601 for a mesh network. Putting the DIR-601 aside...

I had been using a snapshot build from march 3, this was compiled with ath10k-ct driver and firmware, with this setup I can only use mesh on 2.4Ghz but not on 5Ghz, iw list doesn't even show a valid AP,Mesh Point combination in the 5Ghz band.

After reading a bit, yesterday I decided to build a new image using the ath10k driver and firmware, I noticed right away that iw lists up to 8 valid combinations of AP,Mesh Points in the 5Ghz band so flashed the same image in both routers and started working.

Same as with the last build 2.4Ghz mesh works flawless, you create it and a couple of seconds later both routers are connected; creating a 5Ghz mesh does not. When I create the 5Ghz mesh in both routers the connection starts normally, you can even see it in luci and it says "not associated" like when no clients are connected to it but it is working. Both routers say the same and they don't connect.

Any ideas of how could I get it working???

Ok, my problem was that both mesh interfaces had the same mac addresses.. I changed one of the 5g mesh interfaces mac address and it started working right away.

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