Mesh Network not stable / Connection breaks up


I´m about to revamp my network configuration (2 houses, repeater-bridge between them, 3 linksys wrt54gl, one Netgear R6400 and one d-link dir-882 running on dd-wrt).
Works really fine and stable, but because of the old devices not up to date and I have 4 different wifis.

My idea was to bring up a mesh network and also realize the the bridge between the 2 houses via mesh.

I am building up the network parallel to the old one, when working fine i will remove the old configuration.

I have 4 newifi-d2 devices here. All flashed with firmware OpenWrt 21.02.1 r16325-88151b8303
removed wpad-mini and wpad-basic
installed wpad-wolfssl
IP- Adresses are to

First "problem" was that after flashing firmware, all 4 devices got the same MAC-Adresses, so i changed them manually.
"Main Device" and internet router:

second device:

Third Device:

After that i started bringing up the mesh network.

Problem is that connection breaks up sporadic if I only use two devices.
As soon as I power up the third device, the mesh breaks completely up and doesn´t really work any more (running ping doesn´t work any more, if working response time 2-8 seconds, packet losses,...). Already invested 10 hours of trying. Sometimes I can ping third device, sometimes not...
Ping looks like this:

/etc/config/wireless is equal on all routers:

The "main-device" also recognizes the mesh-partners:

Does anyone have an idea what i did wrong?
Do you need further information about my config?


I now saw something strange in the System log:

Known issue with the Linksys.

That bring me to my questions...

  • You managed to get version 21 with LuCI running on a!!! :open_mouth:
  • You didn't notice any other issues?

What's strange?

Looks like what I get thru a WRT54GL. You do know those devices are nearly 20 years old, the WiFi is not fully supported (and will actually cause backwards compatibility congestion issues in the 2.4 GHz band) and the device has not been supported under OpenWrt for years. I congratulate you; and I am actually shocked that you managed to run the web GUI without crashing!

If you're comfortable, run snapshot (no web GUI) or disable the http server.


maybe I expressed it wrong so you missunderstood.
In my old configuration I have some WRT54GL Devices running DD-WRT.

The new devices are newifi-d2 Routers running openwrt.

I just fell over this topic:

how are the mac adresses defined on other devices?
which are the same? which are different?

Can someone post a configuration to compare?