Mesh LAN to use internet trough NAT or GRE?

I am having trouble on this so I hope you can help.

I have 3 routers config.
Main AP (
Mesh Extender - Working WWAN client to Main AP (addr + participating in Mesh LAN with Mesh Client
Mesh Client- Out of range WWAN client to Main AP (addr + participating in Mesh LAN with Mesh Extender

How do I enable internet to Mesh Client from Mesh Extender considering the fact that the Main AP has to see the original MAC address of Mesh Client and its WWAN IP ( in order to provide Internet.

I reached the point where firewalls are now the same on both extender and client and I am able to reach the LuCi to both devices from that Mesh LAN.
Ok but I can't seem to access internet from Mesh Client.

This is firewall for both extender and client.
I had to enable Masquerading in order to have LuCi accessible. Do you know why ?

The Mesh interfaces are static ips -> (Mesh Extender) and (Mesh Client) without assigned gateway ip
and I access both LuCi on these addresses without a problem.

It seems that best bet is NAT ?
I added this to Mesh Extender

No luck to ping or the internet from Mesh Client.
Also I don't know on the Mesh interface if I should add as Gateway IP or that doesn't matter.

What am I missing ?


Your terminology does not make sense.
What do you mean by "Mesh Extender" and "Mesh Client"?
For a mesh network you do not need to do anything with NAT, GRE or firewall zones.

Are you trying to achieve a three node mesh with one node providing an Internet feed?

I suggest you read this:
then come back here to ask any questions.

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