Mesh for school

Hi guys, how are you?

This is my first topic here (more of a help request).

I want to set up a mesh network for a school with limited resources, the routers below are: Archer C60, TL-WR841HP.

An internal network and another for students would be interesting.

I intend to use PFSense on an available computer/server, for DHCP and the like.

I needed some information, especially how to do this, best practices. I saw content on YouTube that gave me an idea, but I still don't understand 100%.

Could I make a wired mesh network? as in other devices, to give greater stability and speed to the network.

Do these routers tend to work fine? There will be about 5 or 6 in total, for an average of 50~70 devices (divided between the APs).

If possible, give me some information on how to do it, or give me the direction, thank you.

Thank you very much in advance!

Are these devices you already have on hand, or are you about to buy them?

I think what you want is a roaming network, not a mesh network. Mesh, by definition, uses wireless backhaul connections. It sounds like you have the option to wire, which means it is not a mesh. But done properly, the client devices will roam from AP to AP as they move around the space.

I would strongly recommend that you find someone who you can pay to set this up and administer the wifi network given that it will be a 'production environment (unless you are prepared to take the full support burden and the brunt of people's anger/frustration when things don't work). Setting up a proper wifi network of this type takes some knowledge about where to place them and then tuning the APs for proper performance and to encourage roaming. It is part art, part science. It's not hard to learn, but given that you appear to be new to the idea of setting up a moderately sized roaming network, you may not want to start with a complex environment --- doing this on your home network is a much better place to start (not as many people to yell at you).

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