Mesh between dumb AP to dumb AP

Is it possible to mesh (802.11s) between dumb AP1 to dumb AP2 ?

My dumb AP1 is connected with Ethernet cable to the Main router...

Is the main router also involved in the wireless ? If not than you have only two wireless devices, and you may thus consider setting AP2 as a repeater of AP1. It's easier to config.

Im not sure I understand,
Both Main Router and AP1 have wireless, but they are Ethernet Backhaul.
I want to wireless mesh between AP1 and (future)AP2

Understood. I was pointing to another solution depending of your topology or choice.
You can setup all three devices in a mesh. AP2 won't care is AP1 is linked by eth or wifi to the main router.
Depending of your hardware, you will have mixed results. Just try, and share your experience.

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If all are in a wired backhaul read this (the whole topic)

Probably with Wireless AP (WAP) configuration it will be ok (check the video there)

If AP2 is not wire backhauled, then you may set it as a Wireless Repeater mode from the router or the AP1 (it doesn't mind). If you plan to add more not wire backhauled in the future to create a real mesh, with 2-3-4 wireless points, then you may consider installing OLSRD server through OPKG and setting everything up. But just for 1 extra AP (AP2) it won't make sense so much effort (and no more convenience or performance either).