Mesh AP running OpenWrt

Can anyone recommend an OpenWRT router capable of acting as just a simple Mesh AP in a plug (i.e. straight into the mains socket) type form factor?

Something like this

but good :slight_smile:

with Openwrt support, check out the TP-Link RE series.

TP-Link RE-650v1, works really great using snapshot. (RE-500v1 is the same hardware). 16MB flash and 128MB RAM.

A RE-450v3 will also work. Only 64MB ram but I haven’t had any problems.

(450v1 and v2 have a limit of 6MB and will require you build carefully from source to fit everything).

You could also look at cheaper «wallplugs» that are mt7628 based, ideally with a mt7612e 5ghz radio. They also work really good in my experience, just get a model that is confirmed having no issues with 5ghz radio. They’re limited to 100mbit ethernet, though.


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That is not mesh. It might be what tplink sell as "mesh" but that is not what it means in Linux and in particular OpenWrt.

Mesh, or to be precise, 802.11s mesh networking is a means of providing a wireless backhaul ie not using ethernet cables or mains cables.