MESH and AiMESH: are they the same thing?

I'm asking because I would like to know if it's possible the join a TP-LINK (running OpenWRT) and a Netgear (running Asus-Merlin) through the *Mesh thing.


Mesh is the term for wireless connections between routers & access points when for some reason a wire can’t be used. Advantage - no wires, disadvantage- performance penalties.

You probably want a solution with roaming technology (802.11 r/v/k) instead of a mesh. The two terms are commonly mixed. Always use a wired connection for the backhaul.

Aimesh is a proprietary ASUS mesh technology - non ASUS products probably won’t sync via aimesh. You’d have to ask Merlin what open source solutions could work. Better yet- drop a wire and have a simple router / AP setup.

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

Unfortunately in my case a wire connection isn't possible, due to practical and physical issues.

Ideally I would like to use WDS, but I'm being unable to make it work by using a snapshot version of a hardware recently supported (TP-Link Archer C60 V3).

Thanks again.

What about a pair of PLC adapters?
I like mesh myself, but that requires good transmission path between the nodes, preferably on 5GHz.

It would be a good solution, but PLC requires that the devices be plugged in the same circuit, which is not the case here at home...