Merging the latest 4.14.340 LTS kernel into Openwrt

I'm aware that the 4.14 kernel isn't used in current Openwrt releases, but as the OpenELA have taken support of this long term support kernel until at least the end of 2024, see

How would I merge this into the current Openwrt 4.14 kernel?

Which OpenWrt release do you intend to integrate it into? Just maintaining your kernel up to date doesn't turn an outdated OpenWrt release into a secure one.

CIP maintains some versions even longer:

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21.02 or 19.07.

Yes I fully understand that it wouldn't make the release secure, I'm just curious what's involved, is it just a case of using merge or is it recommended to cherry pick?

You could try to look at

Bump the version, refresh the targets and fix up the patches that break as you go.


that is not true, but you need alot work.

Thank you, seems to only be three files different.

Seeing if builds.

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