Merging seperate commits with snapshot whilst waiting for R5S support

Hi all,

I think it may be more of a GIT merge question but was unsure how to accomplish as this is very new to me.
Whilst we wait for the 12x R5S support commits to be officially approved and merged, am I able to perform a local merge?

Tianling Shen has prepared the 12x commits at his repo:

His build works a treat but as time goes on that repo is falling behind the current snapshot and I was wondering if you can pull the main OpenWRT repo and merge Tianling's 12x required commits locally for a current build?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Maybe the other way around: Get the forked repository and then fetch all changes from upstream:

git clone -b master-rockchip-rk3568
cd openwrt-official
git remote add upstream
git fetch upstream
git rebase upstream/main

This works as long as there are no conflicts between upstream and the forked repo.

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Oh, wow, perfect, thank you.
Did not think of that way around with ability to fetch the upstream.

Hopefully not too long to wait until the support is added to main.....